Keeping Beautiful Turf is Difficult

Izu garden's turf was planted 4 years ago. The turf was very beautiful at that time, but gradually many weeds are growing and scatter their seeds, so pulling out those seeds completely are very tough work for me.

I went to Izu for the first time since last Oct. and was surprized that many types of weeds in the turf were growing than I expected, not only Water pennywort (血止め草) but also some new weeds which names are not known to me. Some weeds are a root linked type and are difficult to pull them out, so what I did is to use a herbicide called MCPP which is diluted 20 times with water when used. 
I must think how to make turfs and those weeds coexist. Some compromise seems to be needed because I can't go there frequently in order to check those weeds carefully.

Another work for Izu gardening is to trim some trees such as fragrant olive (金木犀) , beechnut (ブナ), and camellia using a ladder. To trim the  branches of some three-meters high trees is a little bit dangerous,so I did the work paying close attention.