adventure of my life (Hajime Hirayama:平山新)


Karuizawa is one of the most popular resort town in Japan. it's located 150km north of Tokyo . I sometimes go there for walking in the woods and shopping . This year , my wife and I went there from Sep. 22nd to 24th. history In 1895, Alexander Craft Show built a church and his villa in this place. He came to Japan as a missionary of Anglican church. He usually  lived in Tokyo and did missionary work. But it was difficult to go back and come to Japan from his native county Canada within only one month of summer holiday. So he found Karuizawa as his summer resort place because of its cool and forestry location.  He set up a church and his villa in this place. During his summer holiday, he propagated Christianity to the villagers.  At that time Karuizawa was desolated village because it was difficult grow crops due to cold weather. Main income was the logging fee as post station town, but the income became small  after new bypass load was completed which is not through this town. After Show stayed here , many foreigner build their villa  because he introduced his foreign friends lived in Japan . Japanese business leaders and nobles and even emperor and his family  are used to stay during summer . As many people gather hotels and villas are setting up and shops and restaurants and even leisure facilities such as golg courses are also making.  Karuizawa becomes the  most famous resort place  in Japan now.
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