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Japanese culture  have influenced it's history while fashion, trends, and recent culture vary from time to time. Some of these trends have become popular in other countries. Pop culture, abbreviation of popular culture, tends to be embraced mostly by the younger generations. But that reflects the society as a whole, and also connects traditional culture. If we review the  romantic tales of early Japanese literature such as “The Taile of Genji,” and the exaggerated depictions  Ukiyo-e in the Edo Period, we can observe that the earlier culture have influenced the present  manga and anime. We can also see that Japanese society today closely connect a strong work ethic.which likely contributes to the escapist plots common in  manga and anime. In addition, many Japanese have long train commutes in urban areas. Besides reading, you will see many Japanese on trains killing time on thier cell phones. The latest cellular phones are increasingly being used to download content such as pop music, games and manga. It is important to note that  Japanese pop culture have been accepted internationally. Some Japanese Manga comics have been translated and published in other countries. Interestingly, the books read from right to left as being down by Japanese. Japanese Anime has certainly become very popular in many countries. Many middle-aged Americans watched "Astro Boy" and "Kinba the White Lion"  during their younger ages, both written by famed Japanese artist Tezuka Osamu. Recently, the anime Pokemon, or Poket monsters, has been distributed over 50 countries. In 2002, Miyazaki hayao won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature with it's English title "Spirited Away" . Miyazaki's movies are  known for having beautiful graphics, social  messages, and plots enjoyed by both children and adults . Costume play or Kosupure, and the collection of character novelty items are two genres of popular culture that grew from manga and anime. Both are now widely practiced overseas. The people who absorbed in the various aspects of popular culture are sometimes called otaku , or geeks. The word otaku started out as an insult, but increasingly is used to refer to someone who has a passion to something , especially  pop culture.
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