Some topics on May 30 and 31 1. My net wear was perfect. In order to prevent insects such as black fly, I wore  a net jacket and trousers. In addition, I sprayed  an insect repellent on the wear.  I put on T-shirt and short pants under the net. But the net protected my skin from insects completely. 2.Most flowers such as ニチニチ草(Madagascar periwinkle) were kept full of vitality even through they were not supplied with water. 3.MCP(chemicals) was effective to kill trouble-some weeds such as clover and 血止め草( lawn penny wort)  without harming the lawn. 4. Azalea  has many species.  One of the species is  satsuki azalea which is now in bloom (No 3 pic)
2015-05-30 13.45.53
2015-05-30 13.57.21
2015-05-31 09.55.12