I left my house at 2 pm  and went to Izu. On the way, I picked up Mr. Hayakawa who is my friend from junior high school times and arrived at about  4 pm. I started to maintain the garden such as pulling weeds and planting some flowers for about one hour. Mr Hayakawa in short pants,  also helped to pull weeds . After took a bath, we  had a dinner with beer and shochu (a Japanese distilled  alcohol)  while talking about  our junior high school days and our senior life. The next day, I mowed  the lawn for the first time of this year. He also helped to trim the tree branches and raked and clean the garden with broom.  We went back to Yokohama at 2 pm. Later, he emailed to thank  me and also to inform me that he was bitten by gnat (blackfly ).  Both his legs were swollen  under the knees. I apologized to him for not warning him about insects in mountain areas.
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