Izu Garden on July 2 Recently,  a short visit to Izu and maintaining the garden in the pace of 2 weeks interval is getting my chores. The procedures of the gardening also seems to be fixed. At first , I cut brunches for 30 mins. Then pulling weeds by hand and cut weeds by the lawn mower for one hour each. During the season, we have much rain in Japan called Tsuyu(梅雨). Because a rain front stays over the west part of Japan during the mid-June through mid-July period. Because of the rain, the plants grow rapidly. So the the amount of cutting weeds is higher than other seasons.
2016-07-02 10.30.52 2016-07-02 11.13.43
2016-07-02 09.18.06 2016-07-02 09.16.38
pic1 : The capacity for wasted grass of the lawn mower is 70 litters. Three plastic bags for wasted grass was required  to be dumped. pic2(upper right) : Stop-bleeding grass (血止め草)is rampant So it took long time to pick up the leaves. pic3 : Troublesome molehills  -  some mounds of earth made by moles while burrowing. pic4: The beech(ぶなの木)in the right side tree in the picture is growing with many branches and leaves although the tree was cut almost to have no branches in the early spring. ref.  The cycus (ソテツ) in my Yokohama garden was re-potted in erarly May and grows faster. A pineapple-like  shape  flower also can be seen now.
now2016-07-03 11.22.57 in May2016-05-22 14.35.01