Izu garden in September(from  18th to 21st) I went to my  Izu cottage after almost  a month.  I was very worried about the garden that the weeds were growing and most flowers  I planted  were dried up.  But the situation was not so bad as I expected. The lawn still remain green and flowers were in bloom  without water sprinkling. I started to pull the weeds as my first routine work . Then I  trimmed the branches of the trees. Finally I cleaned the lawn ground with the lawnmower.
2015-09-20 17.01.31 2015-09-20 17.05.52 2015-09-20 17.03.09
2015-09-20 17.00.07 2015-09-20 17.00.41 2015-09-20 17.00.59