Izu Garden in October October is the last month of my Izu gardening in 2015. From December to early March , I don't do any gardening in Izu.. These are some topics in October: 1.  The garden's lawn started to change color from green to yellow as as the autumn nears its peak. 2. Kochia (pic1: the shape is like broom) also turned color green to red . 3. The lilies named Piko , which I bought from Madarao , had bloomed with red , but this flower's  nice looking peak  was  over. 4. Some trees in my garden rapidly became taller and wider than  the previous year. So I had a meeting with Mr Iwano,  who is a gardener, and asked him to cut 1 meter or so of all tall trees. 5. I made a big mistake. I used a general weed killer for clover in the lawn last time . So the area become yellow because the lawn also damaged. I hope the area will recover until next spring.
2015-10-10 07.58.47 2015-10-10 07.58.23  2015-10-10 16.42.07
2015-10-11 10.11.20 2015-10-11 10.10.56 2015-10-11 10.15.53
2015-10-11 10.11.38 2015-10-11 10.11.59 2015-10-10 16.42.18
The flower of the entrance in my Yokohama home (Pentas) 2015-10-11 15.19.11