Izu Garden  in April Before going to Izu, I cleaned the entrance of my house, because cherry blossom petals were scattered. I left my house at 6:30 am and arrived at 9:00 am. On the way, I took a rest and breakfast at  Seisho parking where I usually view the magnificent Pacific Ocean.  When I arrived at Izu garden, I confirmed the work that  I asked to my home gardener to trim  the tall trees of  Japanese cypress(檜), momi fir(樅), fragrant olive (金木犀) ,boxwood (ツゲ), kobus-magnoria  (コブシ)and cameria.  I also asked the gardener  to transplant  a fir to another place, to  cut down dead sakura tree,  Japanese beech tree (ブナ)and oak tree (楢). After that, I planted flowering plants such as snapdragon (金魚草),verbena,bluebeard (段菊),rinaria , and ajuga.  Then I pulled some weeds in the lawn area. I left Izu at 2 pm and arrived at home in Yokohama at 4 pm. When I came back home, my thigh felt pain because of the gardening I did. And I seems to have a Hey fever again because I started to have runny nose and sneeze due to cypress pollen .
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