Izu garden in 2015 Golden Week I went to the Izu garden with my mother from May 1 to May 4. During those days, we were lucky that the weather was mostly good. The garden now became more colorful, compared during my previous visit last month, March 22, during which it showed colorful, compared to my previous visit last month, March 22, during which it showed only brown and dull colors. Some parts of the lawn are still brown but the most parts are changing into green. Weeds also started growing on the lawn. From this spring to autumn, I will become busy to maintain the garden. I'll go there at least twice a month. Impressive incidents 1. Some of the nuisance weeds were clovers and the other vines, but this year bulbous weeds were added. 2. Two deciduous trees were cut and some branches of some other trees are trimmed. 3. Two of cherry trees died.They have no leaves this year. 4. Two flower bed surrounded by timber were made and the soil were changed by mixing with organic and chemical fertilizer. 5. In order to make vigorous trees, I gave follow-up fertilizer to some trees. 6. Wild boar's meat and fresh Japanese royal fern could be eaten at the villa's annual party which was organized by the villa's management office. 7. I repaired the door of the old shed using a piece of timber board and mended the curtain's fray using needle and thread. 8. An IP camera was set. I can see the garden from Yokohama in real time.
2015-05-01 09.59.27 2015-05-01 10.03.07 2015-05-01 11.07.59
2015-05-02 10.22.18 2015-05-02 16.56.53 2015-05-03 12.25.13
Pictures from  the IP camera on May 5,2015
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Comparison between May 1 and March 22
2015-05-01 11.05.02 2015-03-29 11.11.58 Picture taken in May 1(L) and March 22(R)