There are numerous sightseeing spots near my Izu house. The most famous one is Nirayama Reverberating  furnace (反射炉) which is about 6 kms from my Izu house. Other spots are Nagaoka hot spring (長岡温泉), Awashima Marine Park , Mitu Sea Park , Izu Panorama Park and so on. I went to the Izu Hawaiians Park with my mother , my sister and brother-in-law. It's 13.4 kms from the Izu house and takes about 20 mins by car. Once this park was called Orchid Park. So the park is provided with not only Hawaiians dance stage hall , but also tropical botanical garden and zoo. This park also has restaurants  and souvenir factories such as cakes and local beer. Hula Girls show for 40 mins was great and the employees' hospitality was nice . But I thought the business to manage the park seems to be difficult because there are many similar parks in Japan .
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