I had a trip to Ito and Atami with my wife. Every winter in January or February, I am used to go there and enjoy hot spring bath and delicious local foods such as Kinme sea bream, cuttlefish, and shrimps. After my piano lesson in the morning, I drove to Ito through Shonan beach. The beach was calm and warm. We arrived there at about 4pm. Before dinner, I took a hot spring bath while viewing the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Hatushima Island. The bath is on the 10th floor, so the view is great. The next day, I was planning to go to my Izu villa at first, but I gave up because snow began to fall. So I went to Atami and saw Atami cherry blossoms and enjoyed shopping at Atami station area. Recently, the station building was remodeled and it is now very clean.