I bought an internet camera named  Tenvis 3815w 2013 version which was manufactured by Tenvis co. in China. The price is only 4,480 yen - surprise price, which include wifi, infrared night-vision scope and remote manipulation. It was  on Aug. 29th. But the setting manual is only English and this English explanation made a lot of mistakes such as a password name. The camera in itself also have defects which was published on the internet by the  user's critics. On the other hand, some people in the internet said that the camera is appropriate for the price if the user have enough knowledge of internet and router. In my case, I have little knowledge about those, so I frequently asked about the problems to the customer center in Beijing by e-mail . The number of my inquiries reached 5 times and I managed to use the camera in the private network, but not used in the outside global network . The obstacle was router setting and it took long time to solve it. This problem was finally solved  by bringing it to my company and asking a younger coworker who know the router in detail. He demonstrated me connecting the camera and the company's test router. I thought that the setting of the internet camera could be realized completely. But another problem occurred. The router type was different between my house and the company's one that I've learned. So I had another hardship. While setting the router by trial and error, my house's router was disrupted and I could not access the internet completely.  I got panic. I managed to get out of the trouble by resetting the router. The setting related to the port opening and fixed IP address for the camera, were done after having repeated failure . Today, November 1, I finally could use the camera from public network- not in my house's private network.