I Replaced My Bicycle:
I replaced my bicycle on February 19. I had used the former one for about 9 years . The other day, I went to a home center near my house and I rode a Panasonic Vivi DX as a test ride and decided to buy it.
I was surprised that the bicycle was easy to ride even under the pedal assist-off mode. As for the former one, it was difficult to ride without this assist. Namely ,the pedaling was very heavy.
In the catalog base, the mileage of one electric-charge is about 100 km in case of the long mode and 70 km for  Automatic and 59 km for the power mode.
But in consideration of the many slopes in my town, the mileage is shorter than those mileage , becoming about 66 km , 47 km,  40 km. But these figures are wonderful for me comparing the former one's figures. The former bicycle's mileage was at best 10 km. Recently, I often go to Musashi-Kosugi in order to attend some culture schools and a library. But when I go back home, the battery has almost run out of the charge and I was always feeling anxious.