I Bought a New Car
I have drinen my Prius for almost 8 years. I bought it in 2011 and drove 41000 km until now.
These days, many car makers are enriching the safety equipment such as auto break. The new model of the Prius was the candidate of my next new car. It has many safety systems called "Toyota Safety Sense C' which has pre-crash system, lane departer alert, and Automatic high beam.
But I don't like the New Prius's style. So I looked for several cars which are almost same size and same price bracket. 
Those are Toyota's new Prius, C-HR, Honda's Vezel, and Mazda's Axela and Cx-3.
After test driving and comparing the safety system, exterior and interior, I decided my next new car- Mazda's Axela and contracted the purchase on October 13. 
The new car will be derivered my house in middle November.

Mazda Axela Safety System-    http://www.mazda.co.jp/cars/axela/feature/safety/i-activsense/

*My new car has all safety systems shown in the URL above except 360 degree view.