I became a member of A Local community's Farm Club  on July 22.
My present rental firm is 10 ㎡ and rental fee a month is 8,800 yen. It is expensive for pensioners like me. Last December, I had a chance to talk to Ms Noma who was farming at her field near my farm and informed me about her farm. Her rental farm is organized by Hisasue housing compound agriculture club supported by Kawasaki city government. The rental fee is 3,200 yen with 18 ㎡ for six month, converting to the month is only about 500 yen and the usage area is doubled. The lots of the rental farm had no room available at that time but she promised me to contact the leader of the club and call me when some lots of farm is available. The other day, the leader of the club, Mr. Hori called me and invited me to the annual assembly on July 22. About 40 members participated in the assembly and he introduced me to the members and I was admitted to be a member. Most of the members look older than me but they are veteran for agriculture. Some members' products are sold in market. In late autumn, the club organize a harvest party and socialize with the members.
I will cancel the current rental farm when the contract is expired in next February.



My current rental farm