Mr. Yamamoto, one of my friends from university days invited me and my wife to his new house. His house was built last year in Shin-Yrigaoka, Kawasaki city.  Three other friends and their wives were also invited to his house. The house was designed by his wife who had studied art at a university while doing her house work. Many wonderful ideas are incorporated in their house such as kitchen drawers made of reused paulownia chest, a low table with built-in a charcoal brazier.  Japanese design and western design are integrated. The arrangement of the rooms is also comfortable.  His study was so nice  that Mt. Fuji can be seen from there. Actually, my wife and I were anxious about this get together party because this was our first time to participate in such a party. But Mr. Yamamoto and his wife and daughter entertained with elaborate meal and homey atmosphere. Other friends and their wives were also frank and friendly, so my wife and I enjoyed a lot and it became a memorable day. By the way, Shin-Yurigaoka is a nice town because the town was created by the  town development plan alone with the Kawasaki-station area,  the Musashikosugi area and the Mizonokuti area.  This area is designated as  “The town of art” and many art and music related schools and facilities have been built here. 1200px-Kawasaki_ART_CenterKawasaki Art Center   iShinyuria promenade near the station (these two pics are from the internet)