I went to Izu with my wife for 2 nights and 3 days .
On the first day, I mainly did gardening at my Izu cottage such as cutting grasses and trimming branches.
On the second day, we went driving to Heda "戸田" and had a sea food lunch.
Heda is a small bay city and famous for its beautiful sea.
The inland sea has a long sandy beach with calm waves.
Many families have visited there and have enjoyed sea bathing.
This area was formed by two volcanos which are on the Philippine plate and have moved to Japan which is on Eurasian plate and shortened the distance between these volcanos and made a small bay.
On the third day, we went back to Yokohama in the morning in order to join the beer and noodle party at my rented farm which was organaized by the Share agriculuture field Company.