One of the exercise of the gardening corresponding course is to make  group planting. This was the first time to create  a design referring to the gardening text. Then , I went to a flower shop and bought some flowers. But it was difficult to buy  some flowers to fit my design. So I changed the color coordination,  especially the color of the center flower from green to burning red.  I also bought the  soil including some nutrients(compost) , and red clay ball as the base for the pot(terracotta). The selected flowers were 1.coleus (コウリス バーニングレッド ) 1 2.Madagascar periwinkle(ビンガ京風車:日々草の1種)  2 3.Impatiens(インパチェンス) 2 4.Cosmos sulphureus( キバナコスモス)  1  
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