I went to my Izu villa  from August 27 to 28. I have worried about the garden becoming messy with growing weeds and tree branches because I visited it this time after 3 weeks intervals. It had a lot of rain in the area during the late several weeks.

We arrived there at 5 pm on August 27 . It was cool and I started to check the garden's condition. Fortunately the garden was not so bad on the surface. The turfs looked revitalized and regained green. In this July,  the turf were damaged due to few rain. I met Mr. Iwano, who is the 84-year old gardener,  by chance. He was working near my house on the day and asked him to paint some supported  timbers to protect the land slide. The timbers need to be painted every year so as not to be spoiled .

The next day, I trimmed many branches and cut the turf and weeds using several machines and the total amount of weeds and branches became 7 plastic bags of 70 litters.

My home garden in Yokohama