Gardening in May Izu garden on May 15 : I stayed only 3 hours and did mainly  pulling weeds and cutting grasses.
2016-05-15 11.50.23 2016-05-15 11.51.34 2016-05-15 11.50.42
Flowerpot transpotting  pic1: The former flower pot was cut into two to take out the plant easily. pic2: the roots of Cycad(ソテツ)  were  protruded under the bottom of the flowerpot. How sturdy the plant is!! Pic3: The entrance flowerbed: Marigold, Salvia, petunia *日々草 vinca plant
2016-05-22 14.35.01 2016-05-22 14.35.27 2016-05-22 14.56.31