Gardening in July Rainy season was completely over around July 20th. During this rainy season, the flowers and trees were growing rapidly. Messy weeds were also growing here and there. Every time when I arrived at the Izu house, pulling weeds was my first work. I went twice in July. The recent visit 25th-26th  was extremely hot so I needed to take a rest every 30 min .During the rest time, I changed my clothes , took some water and salt, and cooled my body using a fan. ■Recent routine work (Main garden area) 1. Pulling some weeds in turf and in flower beds (30 min) 2. Trim tree branches (30min) 3. Cut the turf in the 4 cm heights and about 70 liter turf will be cut (20min) (Entrance slope and surrounding area) 1. Pulling some weeds and trim tree branches (30 min) 2. Cut the turf with cutter machine and cleaning the cut leaves(30 min) ■Additional activities when  I have time to spare (Back yard) 1. Pulling the weeds (30 min) 2. Cut the weeds by cutter machine (30 min) 3. Clean the garbage yard of weeds and branches ===branches are cut within 40 cm and bundle them using strings. ===harvested turf leaves are put into the garbage plastic bag (Flower beds maintenance) 1. Check the flowers and add some fertilizers and water if needed 2. Plan the  planting flowers in the space for the next time's visiting (Sprinkle herbicide(weed killer)) 1. Some difficult area to remove weeds or messy areas are sprinkle with weed killer. 2. Clovers and other vine weeds are killed preserving the turf using special weed killer. Izu Garden Plan izu-plan
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