I started to learn  gardening using a correspondence study from June 12. This course consists of 3 text books, 3 DVDs, 6 drills, 2 design training sheets. This course must be finished within 8 months. *How to proceed with the course: 1.Read the texts and watch the DVDs. 2.To the certain points. The students must submit the drills to the JGS(Japan Gardening Society) and need to get above 60 points. In case of failure, the drill must be re-submitted. After recieving the score and teacher's comment, the students need to review refering the texts and the DVDs. 3.After finishing the 6 drills, draw 2 designs. One is " a ground plan and garden sketch" . The other is Yoseue(寄植え) design which is a  style of planting flowers together in one pot. One can get the certification of gardening cordinator after finishing all.
gardening design 2015-06-12 20.09.28
pic 1: a example of gardening design  pic 2: The correspondence materials