Flower viewing in Kamakura 2017.4.4
Kamakura City is located about 30 km south of my town, Yokohama City. Kamakura was once the seat of government place. The government was controlled by samurai warriors with Minatomo Yoritomo at its head. The Kamakura government continued from 1192 to 1333 controlled by his descendants and his supporters. During the period, many Zen Buddhist temples were built and those temples' grounds are famous flower viewing spots. My wife and I used to see Sakura flower viewing around the Imperial palace such as Chidori-Ga-Futi area and Yasukuni Shrine until last year. This year, we went to Kamakura on April 4. There are mainly three walking routes; 1. Kita-Kamakura course 2. Kamakura course 3. Hase temple and Daibutu area course. We chose Kita-Kamalura course this time and visited following temples and parks, Kitakamakura Sta. -> Enkakuji Temple ->Tokeiji Temple -> Jochiji temple ->Genji-yama park -> Kaizouji Temple -> Jokomyoji Temple and Turugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. I thought April 4 was one of the best days to see cherry blossoms, but most of the flowers were not yet full  blossom, but only approximately 50% flowers were in bloom. In this year, the full bloom time in Kamakura is quite late.