Fireworks display  2015.8.4 On the way back home , I noticed that today was the fireworks display at Rinko Park in Yokohama. This is because many people on the train wore yukata and also a train conductor announced  about the fireworks exhibition.  While we were having supper, the fireworks sound could be heard.  The display started at 7 p.m and ended 8:15 p.m.  I could see the fireworks from the balcony and enjoyed it for a while. These pictures were taken using my iphone camera. It took about 3 second to release the shutter. The pictures were not clear but Yokohama's Landmark tower and other buildings also could be seen. cf. 2015 fireworks in Japan
2015-08-04 20.09.37 2015-08-04 20.08.16