Fine Autumn Izu Villa We were blessed with fine weather on  this weekend after a long interval. The weekends of recent  month were rainy or cloudy due to typhoons.   I got up early and went to Izu villa. On the way, Mt. Fuji  could be seen beautifully.  When I arrived the Villa, I noticed that the weeds were not growing than I expected .  It might be a sign of  the oncoming winter.  But the nuisance weed called "Chidomegusa(血止め草)” or  Water pennywort  was still rampant.  I tried to remove the weed by using  a herbicide (ザイトロンアミン).  Before using this chemical, I needed  to dilute it with water because of preventing from damaging the turf.  I also repaired the bamboo fence  which was destroyed by strong winds.