Today is Culture day . It was fine day and temperature was over 20 degree Centigrade, so it became good to clean my house. In the morning, I disposed many books, wrapping cardboard and bags. I also changed the new bookcase from old one. The old bookcase was bought about 33 years ago. It was just the time to start my new marriage life at Hiroshima. This bookcase was also used by my sons after that. So the case has a lot of nostalgic memories. But it became old and was needed to be disposed. the size is 180 cm tall, 90 cm width, 30 cm depth. In case of such a large one, we need to apply to the city hall for disposing it and fix the date of disposal and pay the fee prior to disposal . The fee depends on the size and type. In this case, the fee is 1500 yen. I have some other furniture to dispose, bed frame and stool. The total fee will be 2700 yen, In order to save money, I decided to cut these into small pieces, In the afternoon, I bought a electric saw and cut them into within 50 cm per one length as much as possible. Thanks to the saw, It took only one hour to finish to cut them all. This work was fun , because the saw was very good in cutting.
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