wesr africa
1. Origin The Ebola Riv. approximately 250 km  located  in the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo is the head-stream of the Mongala River, a tributary of the Congo River. In 1976,   Ebola virus (EBOV) was probably named  after it was  first identified near the Ebola Riv. 2.Outline In 1976, the first Ebola case was discovered in Congo  with periodic outbreaks in other Central African Countries. The worst Ebola cases were  detected recently in Western Africa early this year. So far, more than 8,900 people have been infected and more than 4,400 have died, mostly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Officials say the epidemic is not even close to being brought under control. Health experts think the initial cases in each outbreak got it from eating or handling Ebola-infected animals, then spread it person-to-person. The exact source in nature has not been proved but the leading suspect is a certain type of fruit bat. Other animals can be infected and may spread the disease. The WHO says chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines might play a role. Even pig farms may amplify infection because of fruit bats on farms. For the new study, researchers analyzed viruses from the current Congo outbreak and found them extremely similar to a Zaire Ebola strain that caused previous outbreaks in the Congo region. The virus is different from the Zaire strain causing the larger epidemic in West Africa, suggesting that a separate source in nature seeded each outbreak. 3.R&D of the medicine  The R&D is proceeding , but actually medical companies aren't aggressive for the R&D because it doesn't pay. The number of patients are small and the region of the disease is a part of Africa. In the case of AIDS, many company have competed the R&D because there are a lot of patients in developed countries  and it is easy to gain profit by R&D. Now, Ebola patients appear in Europe and USA and it is said it will spread rapidly all over the world. Canada, USA and even Japan have a possible medicine but these are the phase of animal experience and it will take  over a period of years to use it for men.  However it's the emergency, so we need to use these medicine for men  soon after confirmation by animal experiments.