I took two paid holidays and went to Minami-Bousou - located 100 km South-east from Tokyo and Yokohama. Minami-Bousou is in the southern portion of Chiba Prefecture, near the southern tip of the Bousou Peninsula. It is surrounded by water on three sides facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and south, and the entrance to Tokyo Bay on the west. This place is famous with early spring beautiful flowers such as poppy, rape flower, and snapdragon. Driving along the sea coast was also attractive.

The first day- March 23

9:00   departure  my home 10:30  Mitui outlet mall in  kisarazu, Chiba pref. -shopping  and lunch 13:30  depature at Mitui outlet mall 14:25  arrival at Gake-Kannon, Tateyama city --- Unfortunately it was under construction. 15:30  Tateyama Family Park -poppy,rape flower, and snapdragon were beautiful 16:40  Tosurabu Tateyama Hotel - elegant Japanese meal,  grand ocean view ,  spacious guest room - estetique ( beauty treatment) for my wife - onsen (hot spring)

The second day - March 24

7:30   breakfast 9:00   left the hotel 9:10   Suzaki Todai - Lighthouse -Mt. Fuji and Izu islands could be seen from this point 9:30   Aloha Garden Tateyama -  Zoo and Botanical Garden 11:30  left this garden 13:10  arrived  at my home. Total distance traveled was about 250 km.  
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