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Do the world’s wilderness areas need to be better protected?

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Do the world’s wilderness areas need to be better protected?  Some say world wilderness areas should be exploited. Certainly, world population is rapidly growing and wilderness areas are attractive for living and tourism. However I think world’s wilderness areas need to be better protected. Take ecotourism, for example. Some special world ecotourism areas are protected not to be broke the circumstance. But as a matter of fact, the transportation required to reach the remote ecotourism areas releasing a large amount of green gas. This results in damaging the environments. Biodiversity is also becoming big problem. 75% of mammals, birds, and amphibians currently face extinction. If the world wilderness areas develops, ecosystem destruction become increasing and introduction of invasive species are leading a rapid ross of natural habitants around the world. In order to cope with population growth, forests of many wilderness areas are losing as cutting trees. This situation is very related to global warming, because the function to convert from CO2 to oxygen will decrease as the trees cut of. Above all, we should protect the world wilderness areas as much as possible. To remain these wilderness will connect with our future happy life. (Points) Biodiversity, Ecotourism, Rights of indigenous people, Population growth, Economic development, International cooperation
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Some say wilderness should be exploited. The population of the world is rapidly growing and the wilderness is used for residential, commercial, industrial and other purposes for human activities. I think the wilderness can be better protected. First, ecotourism must be the focus of the government and tourism industry. Areas practicing ecotourism are using petroleum gases in transportation that will also damage the environment. Second, biodiversity is greatly affected by the  destruction of habitat leading to the extinction of approximately seventy- five (75) per cent of mammals, birds, and amphibians. Pests from other countries further destroyed the ecosystem. Finally, Population growth and industrialization require more lumbers resulting to deforestation. The trees will produce more  oxygen and lessen  CO2 emission in order  to prevent continuous  global warming. Therefore, we should protect the world's wilderness areas so that we may enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature during our lifetime and the future generations.   related keywords: Sustainability   Recycle , Rethink, Refuse, Reuse, Repair and Reduce
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