Most Japanese are not Christians but celebrate Christmas. Many shops and streets are decorated with Xmas ornaments such as trees, bells, and lighting goods, Xmas music are playing everywhere. In the Xmas eve, many Japanese eat chicken -- Kentucky Fried Chicken is popular, and cake. Many people, especially young couples also exchange presents. Many department stores and shops are bargaining their goods which is called Xmas sale. Why do Xmas events fit well with Japanese people? One of the reasons might be that it is a tactic of the Japanese commerce. Another plausible reason is exchanging presents are similar to the traditional Japanese culture such as Chugen and Seibo in that gifts are exchanged. *Chugen is a summer gift, and Seibo is a winter gift. They are given to superiors, customers and other people who have provided favors. This custom is a good way to show thanks and maintain good relations.
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These Xmas tree pics were taken in the lobby of our office building.   What is Christmas? Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus was born in a stable in Jerusalem as a Son of God. Soon after, three kings visited the place and gave presents to Jesus -- gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This day is the most important day for Christians. Jesus propagated Christianity  with his 12 disciples and now Christianity is  one of the three major religions in the world. Three major religions and their differences
item Buddhism Christianity Islam
founder Buddha Jesus Christ Mohammed
population about 500 million about 1.7 billion about 1 billion
bible the Buddhist scriptures the old Testament, The new Testament Koran
doctrine(dogma)  the eight-fold path  believe in God,Ten Commandments   5 pillars-Testimony,prayer,Alms-giving,fasting,Pilgrimage
sacred place  Lunbini  in India  Jerusalem  Mecca
 facility  temple  church  mosque
 main events  higan  Christmas,Easter  Ramadan
 pray style  join one's hands  cross both hand after making the sign of cross  to lie in a prostrate position and stand raising both hands
 the number of god/s Buddha and his followers  one(The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit)-The Trinity one- Allah