Completion of My House Painting The house painting was finished as  scheduled. The painting started on April 19 and ended on May 2. It took 13 days in total. In order to finish as scheduled, the painters had worked even in rain.  When it rained, they painted the ceilings of eaves.  The painting  company gave me a CD that have more than 100 pictures of the painting process after the completion. I clearly understood how they worked.
洗浄 (4) 雨樋清掃 (7) 帯板塗装 (26)
Pic1: A workman is spraying jet-water to remove the dust and moss on the roof. Pic2: The gutter becomes dirty with soil and dead leaves. Pic3: The wall , gutter, gutter drain pipes, shutter, ornament board(gray)  were painted beautifully. Paint material : roof  ヤマMシリコン(弱溶剤形二液アクリルシリコン)セピア          wall  セラMシリコンⅢ COLOR :KP-310 白に近いクリーム色  by 関西ペイント
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PIc4-Pic5 : Allover of my house