According to the weather forecast, Cherry flower blooming rate in Tokyo area is 30%. However, some viewing spots such as Rikugi-en and Kouraku-en garden, cherry bloom rate is 70%. So my wife and I went to see at Kouraku-en. Many people visited the garden. Certainly some of the trees were 70% or more in bloom, although other cherry trees are 30% or less in bloom. The trees need to take a couple of days to be in full bloom. After visiting the Kouraku-en, we walked around Yasukuni-shrine and Chidorigafuti - Emperor palace side. Those are also famous spots of cherry flower viewing. On the way, cherry festivals are held here and there. Several performances such as dancing and singing are held, foods and drinks are also sold. Many people enjoyed not only cherry flowers but also eating and drnking under the trees.
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