One of my recent daily activities is walking with my wife after the sun sets.
One day, going back home from the walking, we saw a Bon dance festival which was held at the primary school near my house.
A Bon dance is a Japanese traditional folk dance held in the evenings during the Bon season, usually in August. But the Bon season in Tokyo area
is July. The PTA of the school and the neighborhood association organized this dance festival.
The original aim of the dance is to entertain the deceased souls which are believed to come back to their home during this season.
The dance is performed around the center tower stage made in wood temporarily . The dancers ware Yukata, a cotton long-robe kimono,
dance accompanied by Bon festival songs with traditional Japanese drums called Taiko.
Recently, this festival also become a evening amusement for not only children but adults. Usually many food and entertainment shops are opened in the venue.
On the day,   Cups of shaved ice with fruits syrup were served and  Goldfish scooping entertainment was also available  for children.