Beijyu(米寿)--A Celebration of Longevity My mother turned 88 years old, so my wife and I, along with my younger sister and her husband, celebrated  her birthday at the Japanese restaurant "Hagoromo" of Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel on the 44th floor. The restaurant was crowded that day with people who were celebrating the Seven-Five-Three festival. Children who turned 7 or 5 or 3 years were celebrated by their families. They wore Japanese kimono and were very cute. Celebration of Longevity In the old days,  life expectancy was only 50. Although our life expectancy is getting longer thanks to the development of medicine and food production technology, these special celebrations still continue based on tradition. Some special celebration years of longevity are as follows: 1. Kanreki(還暦:respective kanji mean "circulation" and "calendar") The age of 60 was once considered  as one Chinese combined zodiac calendar circle. Even today the people of this age is celebrated according to the old tradition such as wearing red clothes which is symbolic of a baby's cloth. It means persons goes back to their infancy and start new calendar cycle. 2.Koki(古希:respective Kanji mean "old " and "rare") the age of 70 which is thought in old times that person who reached 70 was very rare . 3.kizyu(喜寿:respective kanji mean "delight" and "congratulation") the age of 77. This number kanji ”七十七” arranged vertically is similar to the cursive hand of Kanji "喜”. 4.Beijyu(米寿:each kanji means "rice" and "congratulation") the age og 88. This number kanji "八十八” arranged vertically is similar to Kanji"米” . 5.hakujyu(白寿:each kanji means"white" and "congratulation") the age of 99. Please refer to the age of 100:next explanation. As you can see, Kanji"白” is short of the vertical bar of kanji”百(100)” 6.Hyakujyu(百寿:respective kanji mean "100" and "congratulation") In Japan, there are more than 60,000 centenarians, people who are 100 years old or over now.
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