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Agree or Disagree :  Space exploration should be continued

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  • Agree or Disagree :  Space exploration should be continued
Write an essay around 200 words Some say that the government money should be spent more on social welfare instead of space exploration because it is a daily serious problem.  However, I think there are numerous benefits in exploring space.  Therefore, space exploration should be continued. The first reason is that we will have useful information  in this scientific research.  This will  determine  the Earth’s future, meteorites orbit and other useful minerals in the space.  The second reason is that the success of the space exploration will boost national pride and honor. It will also improve our science and technology that will boost our economy as well develop new industries.  As a result both children and adults will be assured of a great future. The third reason is that the technology of the space exploration can  make possible international colonization. In case planet earth will be  extinct in the future , then we must research on how to live in another planet. From those benefits, I think Space exploration should be continued.  
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