Sometimes, I have been asked "What are you doing now?”.  Every time, I am troubled with the answer even in Japanese. So I prepared the following answer. I work for a IT company. I'm in charge of data management as well as related technology including modeling. Data management is a key element in making business application such as accounting, personnel information system. Before making applications, we have to make documents and data models as blueprints. But these blueprints are usually insufficient to  express user requirement and  not easy to understand by other people because IT engineers draw on their own practice and methods. In addition, many IT engineers tend to think of the blueprints lightly and pour their strength to programming such as using Java language. So after finishing it, there are many flows coming up and become busy fixing the programs. After all, those program sources become tangled(intertwined)  and difficult to maintain. So I always teach them the importance of blueprints while following the company's rules and methodology,  especially data design. I also give some practiced examples as well as consultation. Additionally, I play a role of quality assurance for the company.   IMG_2321