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1. This is the picture of my neighbor’s garden.The cherry tree is partially in bloom. 2. This greenhouse is in a flower proprietor's garden. The proprietor owns several greenhouses and large flower fields. The flowers are grown and sold there. 3. This two story pagoda is on Kouzen-ji temple ground. Kouzenn-ji was built 300 years ago. The main hall and other facilities are old, but this pagoda is relatively new. 4. This junior high school stands along this road. A primary school stands also adjacent to this school. 5. The narrow road was once strictly for agriculture use, so it is narrow. But it was paved with asphalt recently. 6. The vegetable fields are prominent(common, usual sight) in this area. The fields spread out beyond this point. 7. In this field, there is a poultry farm (chicken coop). The farm produces many fresh eggs and sells them to the neighbors. 8. This is the eggs and vegetables shop. But there is no sales people. The shop is run by these vending machines. It opens 24-7. You can see the sign at the bottom of this picture. 9. This is a residential area on the top of a hill. My town, Yokohama has a lot of hills. You can see the center of the Yokohama city at the back and the condominium at the middle of this picture. The condominium is built on the slope of the hill so the shape is like stares. 10 The picture was taken in the middle of the hill. This area is clean and quiet residential area. Roads are planned and made like grid. 11 This picture is another shot of the area. 12 The picture was taken in the new residential area which was developed on the slope of a hill. 13 This is a main road near my house. It has 4 lanes. There are many family restaurants and shopping malls along the street. 14. This is a fire station. Two fire engines are parked in the day. 15. This home center was opened 2 month ago. Furniture, exterior and interior items are mainly handled. Since the shop's opening, I often go there and buy many items. 16. This is a bakery. The shop made and converted from an ordinary family home. The shop does not only have a sales counter but also eating area. Lunch meal and coffee are served. 17. This is a subway station square. Bus stations can also be seen in the picture. 18. This is a middle class hospital. 19. This is a supermarket near my house. It takes a 3-minutes walk from my house. 20 Finally I go back to my home. The distance is 3.2 kms and it takes about 40 minutes. Usually I do some shopping on the way. In this case, it takes about one hour in total.
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