A Tentative Contract    March 25
From yesterday, I went to the Izu villa and started to tidy up some households goods such as clothes, beddings, and gardening tools. This is because the villa would be sold and today was the signing of the tentative contract, and the handover of the villa would be the at the latter part of next month. As a matter of fact, these days, it is almost difficult to sell vacation houses because many people don't have enough resources to buy and maintain them. I thought it would take several years to find a new owner. But actually it took only 5 months to sell it. Before this handover, I need to tidy up the house and also prepare some documents such as my mother's seal certificate, and her certificate of residence. So I would be busy for the next month. Although I feel a little bit sad to let go of the villa, it is good to find a good buyer.