A Piano Concert  
March 31

My piano teacher, Aki, organized a piano concert for her about 30 students on March 31. The hall is in a skyscraper building at Musashi-kosugi. The concert was started at 13:30 and the first 15 minutes was for senior players. They played ‘愛の夢’, ’慕情’, ’エリーゼのために’ in that order. They sometimes miss-hit the keys but did it completely in the presence of an audience. I admire their courage and challenging spirits.
Then children’s part followed until 3:30. Most of the players are under 10 years old, but their performances were great and very impressive. Finally, teacher Aki played - - F. Chopin nocturne Op.9-2. Of course, the teacher's performance was a masterpiece.
Again, I was deeply impressed the amazing potential abilities of the young musicians.