A New Car Came to My Home
I replaced my old car,the Toyota Prius, to Mazuda Axcela on November 13. When the Prius left my home, I felt a little sad because the car took me to many places and gave me a lot of pleasant memories.
Before I started to drive my new Axcela, the car salesman instructed the basic functions about one and half hours - mainly related to the minimum necessary driving operations. Actually the new car Axcela has many electrical equipment related to safe driving, navigation and wifi, easy driving functions and so on. The manual book was also given to me. But it is too thick to read in a short time. So to begin with it,I decided to concentrate on driving safely using basic electrical functions. After getting familiar with the new car, I'd like to use the other convenient electric functions if necessary.

Four days passed afrer driving my new car and I noticed some good and bad points.
Good points:
1.Easier to drive. Especially to drive back using 360 degree monitor, to drive at night using brighter LED light.
2.Good exterior and interior
3.Several pre-crash safety system

Bad points:
1.Worse fuel efficiency than Prius- about 14 km / litter
2.Bigger than Prius - especially 4.5cm wider than Prius