The event of digging potatoes and eating fresh vegetable-rich curry rice was held on July 8.
It was hot day and temperature became over 32 degrees centigrade. Before this event, I maintained
my garden's turf replaceing the damaged parts and adding fine particle soil called metuti(目土).
After finishing it, I went to the event. Unfortumnately my wife didn't go to the event due to the scorching hot weather.
I was surprized that so many people were already gathered , including many young children and old persons who looked over 70-year-old.
Many participants started digging potatoes and they were collected in one place. Those were presents for the participants and handed out evenly. After that, "vegetable bingo game" that is used vegetable name instead of numbers was held and some bingo winners got some prizes- mainly vegetables.
During the time, some stuff members and volunteer participants were making curry rice with two big pots adding tomatoes,potatoes,eggplants and so on. The terrace seats are already occupied for older people.
So the children and young parents ate it seated under the sun. The children were energetic and ate curry much. AS for me, I asked a staff to pour the curry in the packs I prepared and took them to my home and ate with my wife.
This event made the children exciting and fun .