Kushiro,Tokachi(Obihiro) (釧路、十勝(帯広市)観光)  2018.9.3 - 9.5
I traveled to Kushiro and Tokachi area in Hokkaido from Sep.3 to 5. Unfortunately, Typhoon 21 was approaching Kansai district at that time and was heading to Hokkaido. I was worried about this typhoon.As soon as we arrived at Tokachi Airport, we drove to Kushiro city to see the Kushiro Marsh. The weather was not bad and the sun was shining weakly through the clouds. We could see the vast marsh resembling like an African safari.Then, we had a late lunch at the Kushiro fish market. In the evening, we were able to witness a famous but an unusual horse racing called "Banei Keiba". The race uses horses for plowing, instead of the thoroughbred horses.
On our second day, it rained all day. We visited a winery factoryin Tokachi city and we got to see one of the largest pasture field in Japan.Due to the heavy rain, we couldn't entirely appreciate the beauty of the two pastures we visited.
On our third Day, it was perfectly fine. We visited two flower gardens, enjoying picturesque gardens, flowers, trees, ponds and clean streams. And the gardens gave us that healing and therapeutic effect.
We flew back to Yokohama in the evening. Next morning, Sep 6, a big earthquake struck at Hokkaido and brought many damages, such as land slides and liquidations. More than 40 people died and about 2000 people are forced to evacuate until now. I hope the victims would back to the normal life soon.