Numazu & Hakone  after a Final Contract 
It was stormy in the morning. So It was auful to drive the Tomei Highway to the Mishima Shinkin Bank Takyo branch.
Our family's Izu villa was handed over to a new owner from today. My wife & I went to the bank and handed over the certificate documents of the villa owner and the key of it through the intermediation of the real-estate staffs and the judicial scrivener after confirming the transfer the price money to my mother's account. After the time finishing the contract, the weather had completely recovered. One my big task had been over. We stayed at a Hakone hotel at night and healed the tiredness related to its selling activities, so far, by dipping in the onsen and eating delicious foods. Next day, we walked around the side road of the lake Asi for a while and also visited the 400 m long suspension bridge called The Sky Walk Near Hakone. I fully enjoyed nature in the morning and returned my home at 3 pm. Because I was asked suddenly to do my part-time job from 5:30 pm.