Dangerous Gardening  and Toe Pain in  Hakone  
I went to Izu to maintain the Izu garden with my wife. While I maintained the garden, my wife was to study pen calligraphy.
This time I only pulled some big weeds and trimmed some branches. Usually I cut the turf until 2 cm height every time I visited.
But this time I skipped this because we have few rain this year and leaves have a important role in keeping moisture.
Instead , I pulled upper part of weeds of the parking area using the stepladder.
During this work, I experienced dangerous slide of the stepladder. Fortunately, the ladder was stopped by a wall rock
and protected to complete slide. If the complete slide occured, I might had been hit my head by wall rocks and the worst case scenario,
I might had been carried to a hospital by an ambulance.
This incident taught me that it is necessary to use stoppers to prevent slide and put a helmet to protect my head.
After finishing the garden maintenance, we stayed at a hotel in Hakone and soaked in the hot spring bath to rest my body.
In the night I felt pain in my left foot finger joint . So I went back to Yokohama early next day, and went to see the doctor.
After taking an X-ray of the joints of my left foot, the doctor said that it might be affected by gout or calcification.
Blood test was also examined and the result would be revealed next Tuesday.