A Famous Autumnal Ginkgo Avenue   2016.11.12 In this season, I  sometimes walk around at the place where sign of autumn could be seen. One of the spots is my old university, Keio. The University is famous of autumnal ginkgo tree avenue. Ginko avenue in the university is gradually changing  from green to yellow. The leafs color sometimes  looks like  gold by reflecting of the sun light. Trip to Hiroshima Postponed My wife and I planed to go to Hiroshima for the first time after 30 years in November. We were looking forward to visiting there. Because we have a plenty happy memories in Hiroshima. I was transferred to Hiroshima Branch of my company when I was 31 years old. Soon after, I married and We started a newly‐married life in Hiroshima.  The trip was canceled due to some reasons.  Unfortunately, we Had to cancel our trip this time, but we will reschedule it for next year.