I went to Izu for gardening for two days and one night from July 16. After visiting my mother's care house, I left Yokohama at 9 am and arrived at noon. The road was a little bit crowded than a normal Saturday, because we have three consecutive holidays this weekend ー July 18 is a national holiday called Marine day. Summer vacation for students started and will end at the end of August. This time, I mowed the turf twice, changing the the cut length. The first day I cut the turf at 4 cm height as always. The next day, I cut them to a height of 3 cm. I was surprised that the amount of cut turf on the second day reached 3 plastic bags for 45 liter each. I also cut the branches of  high trees such as beech (ブナ). Although the weather was not good and I could't see the Mt Fuji, I enjoyed walking near the Izu garden.