I have had several surprising encounters, especially after I became 40 years old. The other day, I met my senior of my company at my mother's nursing home by chance. What a coincidence! His mother also stayed there for several years. Later I met him at a sushi restaurant and exchanged the information like the service qualities of the nursing home . Last year, my elder son got married. I once met at a business meeting  the father of my daughter-in-law. It was about 20 year's ago. The father of my elder son's friend is my senior of my company and I know him very well. Last year I met the son and found that he and his father was not similar in looks. An acquaintance of my wife invited her and me to former sister's concert in her house and she was my university's classmate. The last time I met her was 40 years ago. The mother of my younger son's friend was my junior high school classmate in Tokyo. My younger son often played with two friends near my house during summer. One of his friends is a Japanese Canadian. One day, when I took them to a swimming pool, I greeted his mother and found out that his mother was my classmate. Those happenings make me  feel that the world is  small. The Internet also connects old dear acquaintances. Last month, I received an e-mail from Arthur in LA. He was my English teacher about 20 years ago. He came across my site and sent me a letter. He gave me a praise of my site. Thank you Arthur. I was delighted to receive your letter. Do you remember visiting my house and guiding you near the neighborhood of my house ?
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These pics were taken in my house's neighborhood . Yokohama History Museum & The Ferris wheel on Kohoku Hankyu Department