My mother's hospital stay My mother and I went to Izu for four day trip from April 28. Second day in the morning  my mother complained about  her  body pain. So we went back to home in Yokohama earlier than  schedule and took her Takata Chuo Hospital which is always used as our home doctor and explained the  condition to the doctor. The internist of the hospital told us "This kind of disease was suitable to be seen by  a surgeon doctor, but he would not  attend until next Saturday." So my mother had to wait until Saturday. However I found that her left leg was swellen when she applied  a pain-killer ointment. I was surprised and I searched  hospitals which is operated on holidays and went to Kanto Rousai Hospital. It was on May 4 - Greenery Day . Her left leg was checked using blood test, X-ray and MRI. The doctor immediately said she should be hospitalized. The disease name could be Cellulitis (蜂窩織炎), the doctor said. Her treatment was mainly drip-feed, cooled her left leg and relaxed. This treatment lasted for five days and the swelling was reduced.  But her CRP value which is related inflammation of blood was still high. *CRP  : c-reactive protein which  indicates the reaction of inflammation in one's body  :  Normal value is less than 0.3. If the value is more than 10, It indicates critical and questioned some disease such as pneumonia, tumor, joint rheumatism and cancer. The doctor called me and said that her disease might be rheumatism and change the treatment to just taking medicine. And also checked her leg-joint liquid examination, circulation of blood caused by economy syndrome by a internist , skin disease by a dermatology doctor, and MRI re-check by a Rheumatism special doctor. *rheumatism is  a deficiency of immune sysytem Alone with these checks , her blood test was conducted by a different institute. But the result is not received until now. Yesterday, I met the main doctor and asked him to find out her disease in haste and treat her as outpatient care.  Her condition looked already normal on the surface and she want to be discharged. She also want to enter a care house because she loose her  confidence to stand on her two feet. I hope she will be discharged soon after her disease name was confirmed as rheumatism. Of course she need to start the treatment , but I want her enjoy her life in the paid care house. A view from Kanto rousai Hospital 2016-05-04 14.04.16