This year's Gardening in Izu started on May 20th. I liked to go there on May 19th, but I gave up  because of the bad whether. The weather forecast said that last Sunday, May 20th, would be fine, so I decided to go from that day. But actually it was rainy  almost all day. I've never seen that the forecast was completely different.  During the time when the rain stopped, I made this year's flower bed. First I set bricks to make a border to separate from the lawn area. I already bought some flowers to plant such as moss phlox, Mary Gold and Lupine. By the way, the hardest work of making flowerbed was to remove the natural azalea which was replanted three years ago as a border from the neighbor's lot. It took about one hour because the root was so deep to dig .  I couldn't remove the root completely, but I could remove the root to some degree by the chain saw and electric sawing machine. I hope the flowers would grow up smoothly and cover the ground beautifully.
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